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Wart is a practical and transversal methodology, exciting, aimed at Youth, which solves their uncertainty to grow their motivation. And for which, get to identify your vocation. The members know the processes of a horizontal organization, forming as a multifunctional team. This aims to produce social impact.

On the other hand it is also:

  • A guide that promotes the use of the creative mind and multiple intelligences, which respects the own criteria and the motivation of each participant.


We firmly believe that with actions of this type, problems are prevented in young people because we help them increase their value, awareness and self-esteem. Our Great Challenge is to IMPROVE THE WORLD starting from the local to the global, understanding the value of the Team.









This project was called EXPRESA HUB and on the occasion of the Covid19, Startup Olé contest and as a prize it received the mentoring of experts in entrepreneurship, with the personal advice of the President of the Association of Business Schools of Spain.


The Hub is a connection of international alliances; here we have the collaboration of the Talent School in Eindhoven, Holland, which is part of the Stir Foundation whose co-founder is Jean Paul Close, creator and promoter of Sosteinocracia, whom you can meet.


Bear in mind that the current market value price can approach that of a master and be around € 1000. Wart level 4 costs € 360 but if you choose to be part of the VIP pass you can buy it with many advantages, for being a pioneer.

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BENEFITSIt encourages the development of the necessary transversal skills in current employment such as: The responsibility The initiative Team building with related goals The organization of online projects – networkingVIP benefitsThe benefits that the participant V.I.P. get: Join the Youth Club Being a founding member of the Youth Association Participation in the generation of the bases, the regulations and the activities of the youth association Have preference in the access to the places of the activities that are done during a year. Have discounts on the public rate in workshops. Workshop price reduction level 4 from € 360 to € 197    TERMConfirm the place before January 31, if you already have it clear at the end of this communication, there is the student form to fill out.We start on February 1 and end on February 28, we will go quickly, with a total of 20 live videoconference sessions per zoom, with sending the recording This workshop offers you the experience of being part of a horizontal organization, based on the capabilities of the people who make it up and on how to do, the objectives devised by our team, a necessary quality in innovative organizations. This Workshop is an input that can mark a before and after for many people and generate another type of system, since it introduces VOCATIONAL EMPLOYMENT, as an alternative to the crisis, emphasizing human values ​​and international cooperation.



Launch Date March 21 to celebrate the International Day will turn March into the month of Happiness.


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